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Communities across the nation are implementing Ranked Choice Voting. Why?

Ranked choice voting is a method of holding elections in which voters are given the option to express their opinions of multiple candidates – they rank the candidates in order of preference.

  • Candidates must draw from a broad segment of the electorate to win
  • Ranked choice voting reduces the divisive partisanship in our elections, which encourages cooperation and compromise in the elected bodies

We envision an Alameda where all residents feel represented and heard.

We believe in a simple, efficient change that is proven to make democracy more fair, more representative, and more functional.  Our mission is to implement the use of Ranked Choice Voting for all city offices to ensure we have a greater voice in our democracy. We do this at the ballot box.

Why is RCV better than the way we vote now?

RCV makes every vote more meaningful and gives us all more choice.

Join us in the effort to improve our elections!

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